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A sanctuary that will leave you <br />
breathless with the enchantment of<br />
its surroundings.<br />
A sanctuary that will leave you
breathless with the enchantment of
its surroundings.
Allow your mind, body and soul to be revitalised in
a boutique spa environment with customised, luxurious,
chemical-free experiences.

Embrace the pure essence of nature as we use only authentic certified organic products in our treatments. From the healing touch of massage therapies to the transformative power of Ayurvedic spa rituals, Maiaveda emphasizes a harmonious and indulgent journey into wellness and self-care.

You will quickly understand that at Maiaveda, wellbeing is not just a promise but an almost intuitive vocation making each visit a rare and unique experience.


We know that love generates healing. We know that healing happens when we come from the heart, so everything we do comes from the heart. We mother, we nurture, we listen deeply, and we deeply care. We reconnect clients to the nourishing elements of the natural world, we melt away layers of tension, we ground. We create a space where guests can blossom into well-being.

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All therapies begin with an aromatherapy foot bath & only authentic herbal infused Ayurvedic oils are used in our massages.

Maiaveda Signature Massage (60, 75 or 90 mins)

The Maiaveda massage experience is nothing short of divine, tailored specifically for the individual’s holistic needs.  It is a choreographed warm herbal oil massage that is designed to bring sustenance to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind. Our unique Maiaveda Signature full-body massage incorporates Marma Point therapy, Reiki, reflexology, chakra balancing, detoxification techniques, trigger point work (acupressure), and includes a scalp and facial massage working with key meridians, selecting Ayurvedic oils specifically for you and any imbalances. Each body type is unique, so the oil combinations are blended with specific herbs and essential oils to meet your special needs.
Choose from either 60 mins $135 | Sat/Sun $150, 75 mins $150 | Sat/Sun $165, OR 90 mins $175 | Sat/Sun $190
(with Marye add 15%)

30min ADD ON option also available $85

Pinda Swedana - Hot Herbal Compress Massage (75 mins)

Therapeutic Ayurvedic herbal plants are crushed in a traditional pestle and mortar and cooked in rice, spices and milk, then tied into a muslin cloth which forms the medium for this therapy, known in India as a bolus or compress. Warm, medicated herbalised oil is applied to the body, the hot herbal compresses are then worked into the tissue and muscle using a pummeling action. Not only nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating but also a very beneficial therapy for arthritis sufferers and sports enthusiasts as it addresses stiffness and swelling in joints, inflamed and overworked muscles. Allow 75 mins, $170 |  Sat/Sun $190

Garshan / Exfoliating Massage - reduces cellulite (20 mins)

Body exfoliation rids the skin of dead cells, stimulates the immune system, detoxifies, promotes circulation and stimulates lymphatic circulation, creating lustrous and soft, vibrant skin. Garshan is a traditional Ayurvedic dry massage with a special silk glove that can be done as an alternative to an oil massage. It is especially recommended for those trying to lose weight and those with Kapha predominance. By stimulating the connective tissues, metabolism and blood circulation are improved and impurities are removed more quickly and easily. It also helps in the prevention and reduction of cellulite and helps to illuminate the skin. Allow 20 minutes $45 – perfect addition to any massage.  Included in our Herbal Body Balance Ritual, 90mins $220 | Sat/Sun $235.


Udvartana / Herbal Powder Massage - for weight loss (90 mins)

Udvartana softens the skin leaving it with a lustrous glow. The stimulating Ayurvedic herbal powder massage helps to enliven and revitalize the skin, smooth away fat deposits and improve circulation and digestion. Udvartana helps open the circulatory channels, facilitating metabolic activities, eliminating excessive perspiration and body odour and improving the complexion of the skin. One of the most effective Kapha reducing treatments in Ayurvedic weight loss programs. Udvartana offers optimal benefits after a series of therapies from 3-7+ days. Invigorated the body and rejuvenates the skin.  Allow 90 mins, includes Steam Tent Therapy $240 | Sat/Sun $260.

Shiroabhyanga / Indian Head Massage (45 mins)

The head, neck and shoulders are all energy centres where tension is most likely to accumulate. They are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged whilst lying down not seated, until the pressure begins to fade using aromatic oils tailored to your needs. A blissful experience which helps alleviate headaches, stress, anxiety and depressive conditions. Allow 45 minutes, $120 | Sat/Sun $130.

Hot Stone Grounding (Shila) Massage (90 mins)

Hot stones are placed on pressure points while the body is massaged with hot Ayurvedic oil. A highly relaxing, stress-reducing massage where the use of stones allows the therapist to address problem areas with deeper pressure. Allow 90 minutes, $210 | Sat/Sun $240.

(with Marye add 15%)

Abhyanga Detoxing Massage - promotes lymphatic drainage (60, 90 mins)

The classic full body Ayurvedic rejuvenating and detoxifying massage therapy using warm medicinal oils chosen specifically for your dosha. Traditionally performed to increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage and ultimately to preserve a youthful, vital and supple body. Massage affects your whole being – physically, emotionally and mentally. Improves overall appearance of the skin.

Classic 60min, $150 | Sat/Sun $165  Deluxe 90 mins, $195 |  Sat/Sun $210

Padabhyanga Foot Rejuvenation Ritual (45 mins)

Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology at its finest. This treatment includes a soothing aromatic foot soak, exfoliation, and massage on both the feet and lower legs. Slowly and methodically, the toes, feet, ankles and calves are massaged with the small Kansa Vatki copper bowl. This is followed by a sequence of Marma (acupressure) massage, which helps to detoxify and re-balance the body’s energies. According to Ayurveda healthy feet are one of the keys to overall wellbeing. Allow 45 minutes, $95 | Sat/Sun $110.

Mother to Be - Pregnancy Massage (60 mins)

Second & Third Trimester  For prenatal needs incorporates pure, organic oils to help ease muscle strain and nourish extending tissue, while soothing nerves and tension. Ideal for a pre-baby pick me up. Allow 60 minutes, $135 | Sat/Sun $150 – includes revitalising foot soak and scrub. Relaxes tense muscles, improves circulation and mobility, bringing a sense of well-being to mother and baby. (with Marye add 15%)

There are times when a pregnancy massage is not recommended, and if you have any doubts it is always wise to seek the opinion of your medical professional. Pregnancy cushion available for your added comfort.

Relaxation Aroma Gentle Massage (30/60/90 mins)

Stimulate your senses to boost your body and motivate the mind. Using essential oils from plants, flowers, seeds and leaves, aromatherapy massage benefits from two absorption points – the skin and the nose.  As the essences evaporate, you’ll also begin to inhale them subconsciously sending you into a complete harmonious balance both emotionally and physically. Light to medium pressure.

Choose from 60 mins $135 | Sat/Sun $150; 75mins $150 | Sat/Sun $165; 90 mins $175 | Sat/Sun $190 – begins with an aromatherapy foot bath & finish your experience with a our special blend of herbal chai. (with Marye add 15%)

Lomi Lomi / Kahuna Massage (90 mins) - Women Only

Inspired by the ancient Hawaiian “dance of massage”, energy flow is combined with fluid, fast-paced, rhythmic motion to achieve a deep sense of balance and harmony. It helps to relieve physical pain and emotional distress. Through its rhythm and patterns it activates meridians and energy points, releases energetic blocks and allows the body’s own healing process to take over. Allow 90 minutes, $210 | Sat/Sun $225. (with Marye add 15%)

Therapeutic Massage (30/60/90mins)

Slow strokes and deep pressure work on tight areas to release specific muscle tension and restore flexibility. A therapeutic massage using techniques that work deeper into the muscle and connective tissue to release chronic tension which might have developed from injury or overuse. Medium to firm pressure. Options: 60 mins $150 | Sat/Sun $165 OR 90 mins blended deep tissue with hot stones $240 | Sat/Sun $260. (with Marye add 15%)

Children's gentle & nurturing massage (20-30 mins)

Massage therapy can support stress relief for children. Children have their own exposure to stress, which can come from school, dealing with grief, puberty, family circumstances, or even at playtime with their peers. This stress can cause imbalances in the immune system and hormonal imbalances as well.  Allow 20-30 minutes (includes a warm foot bath) approx. $40-$60 (4-12 years, sliding scale based on age).  Weekdays only. For students aged 13 to 17 we offer a 25% concession off regular prices.

These ancient therapies are designed to support purification, balance & rejuvenation of the nervous system. Through the specific type, quantity and application of medicinal & essential oils, these traditional treatments have a profound, nutritive effect on the "subtle body".

Reflexology (60 mins)

Reflexology is an energy-based form of massage. A system of massage that balances the inner organs of the body and activates the healing powers of the body by stimulating specific points on the feet. It is suitable for all age groups, and it brings relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions by promoting self-healing. Many people find it beneficial to continue with regular sessions in order to maintain health and well-being. With ever-increasing levels of stress in our life, Reflexology helps us to cope with physical, mental and emotional stresses thereby encouraging us to heal from health conditions. Benefits of unblocking energy channels is a great purification, rejuvenating and revitalising therapy to promote improved health and vitality.  Includes hot towels. Client remains full clothed during their session. Allow 60 mins $150 | Sat/Sun $165 (includes an aromatherapy foot bath & scrub and consultation)

Reiki (60 mins)

An ancient art of natural healing which utilises a gentle yet powerful “hands-on” channeling of life force energy, bringing a sense of wholeness, peace and well-being and deep relaxation. Reiki is a wonderful tune up for the entire body, restoring harmony to body, mind and soul. It is an excellent accompaniment to a relaxation massage. In this therapy, life force energy is directed by the practitioner in a particular pattern, to restore the body. This gentle subtle body healing massage starts from the head and makes its way through seven chakras (energy centres) of the body. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Choose from 60 minutes $95 | Sat/Sun $110

or ADD to any treatment – 30 minutes $65 | Sat/Sun $75

Ear Candling (45 mins)

A gentle but effective therapy originating from ancient times. Ear Candling is an ideal way to help relieve conditions such as headaches, migraines, ear aches, tinnitus, compacted ear wax, glue ear, sinus problems, stress & many more. Treatment requires a pair of specialised hollow candles that have a relaxing aroma of honey, sage, St John’s Wort & chamomile. They have been lovingly crafted by hand from cotton & beeswax in line with the tradition.  This treatment is inclusive of both a Marma Point Therapy head massage and lymphatic drainage massage of the décolleté, face, ears, neck & scalp to enhance the effects of the candling. Allow 45 minutes $70 | Sat/Sun $80.


This traditional Ayurvedic therapy can greatly relieve congestion, headaches, allergies, sinusitis, or nasal blockages. Herbal steam opens the sinuses while a shoulder, neck, and face marma massage ensues. A special Nasya formula is then administered to cleanse, purify, and strengthen the nasal passages, allowing for deeper breathing and a sense of clarity and relaxation. This classical Ayurvedic therapy is used for allergies, snoring, sinusitis, sleep apnea and headaches. It is praised in yoga for its profound effects on increasing mental focus and meditation. This therapy also is known to have profound effects on our emotions, desires and memories.  Allow 45 mins $95 | Sat/Sun $110


Kati Basti with Steam Therapy - for lower back pain (75 mins)

This is a very effective treatment for lower back ache, sciatica, stiffness, pelvic and other lumbar-sacral pain. A dam made of besan flour is placed on the lower back and special herbalised warm oil is gently poured into it for a prescribed duration. Includes an Abhyanga massage of the back. The local Marma points are energized, and the warm herbal oil soothes the pain. This treatment increases the circulation in the region, and both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves. Allow 75 minutes. $160 | Sat/Sun $175. Includes Steam Therapy (Swedana).

Herbal Steam Therapy - Swedana (30 mins)

This full body steam from the neck down infuses dosha specific herbs and heat to detoxify and purify the body, great support for weight loss programs, and enhances the effects of any massage tenfold – feel rejuvenated. Allow 30 minutes $65.


Shirodhara (60 mins)

Offering relief from stress, anxiety, headaches, hormone imbalance or insomnia…a profoundly relaxing & blissful experience. Shirodhara is a gentle, yet profound treatment that works specifically on balancing and stabilising the activity of the mind. Warm, dosha-specific herbal oils are beautifully streamed over the Ajna Chakra or third eye, taking the participant on a journey deep inside. This helps bring balance to the mind and the emotions, and is balancing to the nervous system; creating feelings of relaxation and delight.  You should avoid having a shirodhara if you are suffering from a cold, fever, diarrhea, menstruation, or any acute illness. Shirodhara only: 60 minutes, $195 | Sat/Sun $210, or ADD ON to any other treatment 30 mins $110

Your treatment is administered by a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner.  You are in safe hands.  We only use authentic Ayurvedic medicated oils.

Personalised Yoga & Guided Meditation / Yoga Nidra Session (90 mins)

Our Founder, Marye O’Brien will to take you on a journey to the self. During this service, Marye will lead you through a gentle Hatha Yoga sequence, with attention to maximize the benefits of your practice according to your individual needs, followed by a yoga nidra, which is a deeply restorative guided meditation, and then you will be slowly guided out of your blissed state, left feeling fully rejuvenated. Private class, tailored to your ability and needs, 90 minutes $130.

Intuitive Healing Session (Reiki/Chakra Balancing / Sound Medicine & Energy Healing (75 mins)

Promotes the free flow of energy throughout the body. Blockages in the flow of this vital energy will eventually result in mental, emotional, and/or physical illness. By removing blockages, we enable body, mind, and spirit to function optimally. 75 mins $150 | Sat/Sun $175.

Yoni (Vaginal) Herbal Steam

For women only. Soothe and revitalise your reproductive system with the ancient practice of Yoni Steaming. Herbs are chosen for your specific requirements, our offerings include Mugwort, Calendula Flower, Red Rose Petals, Sage, Lavender, Raspberry Leaf, Chamomile, Tulsi, Rosemary, Wormwood, Marshmallow Leaf and Yarrow. Yoni Steaming is intended to support, nurture and heal the divine feminine, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Respected by healers around the globe, Yoni Steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body and utilise the wisdom of plant medicine to heal your cycle. Allow 60 minutes $135 | Sat/Sun $150. Only 100% organic herbs and purified water are used. Women experience life-changing benefits as a result of yoni steaming. It’s best to not do Yoni Steams when pregnant or menstruating, when using an IUD, or within ten days of giving birth. 

Ayurveda is a tradition that offers grace and vitality. Beauty, in this tradition, is a sign of inner harmony. We only use chemical-free, herbal, ethically produced and certified organic Ayurvedic skincare products.

OmVeda Skin Rejuvenator (60 mins)

This treatment is beneficial for skin that suffers from pigmentation, scarring or dullness. The application of specially selected Ayurvedic herbs and strawberries made into a fresh mask gently repairs damaged skin, and gives elasticity to the skin. Massage of hands and feet focusing on vital energy points called Marmas helps to release stress. Your skin will emerge feeling very soft, smooth and nourished.  Recommended once a month, or as needed. Your session begins with a consultation whilst enjoying a warm aromatic foot soak, combining product advice and skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, face mask and massage, toning, moisturising and leaving time for relaxation, sipping a herbal healing tea.

Allow 60 minutes $165 | Sat/Sun $175. Includes a soothing head, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage.

OmVeda Cucumber Delight (60 mins)

Dedicated to the more sensitive and overheated complexions to promote skin health and suppleness. After cleansing and toning, the cooling Cucumber Mask is lavishly applied, added Bael Fruit evens tone and Zinc heals. Skin is then treated to the appropriate moisturiser for dewiness and softness customised for your skin. Your experience is deeply calming, refreshing, re-energising and rejuvenates the skin and brings deeper balance to the whole body. Your session begins with a consultation whilst enjoying a warm aromatic foot soak, combining product advice and skin analysis, cleanse, exfoliation, face mask and massage, toning, moisturising and leaving time for relaxation, sipping a herbal healing tea.

Allow 60 minutes $165 | Sat/Sun $175. Includes a soothing head, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage.

OmVeda Royal Pearl Facial (75 mins)

The OmVeda Royal Pearl Facial is a double mask facial that also combines a skin rejuvenating massage using herbs and rare Pearl Ash and a final surrender to tranquility with a soul soothing hand and foot massage. Creating absolute luminosity, with an immediate effect in just one treatment, this royal treatment cools and calms, acts on capillaries, revives tired, dull and dry skin, greatly increases radiance, lightening hyper-pigmented areas, refines skin texture and restores an even tone. Pearl Ash is rich in calcium, valuable minerals and amino acids, to aid in strengthening the skin’s cell structure, speed up the skin’s metabolism, reducing redness, minimising pores and also helps to heal blemishes.

Allow 75 minutes $175 | Sat/Sun $185. An excellent rejuvenator while helping to minimise expression lines.

OmVeda Classique Facial (75 mins)

A truly blissful experience. Dedicated to peace of mind, this calming and renewing facial designed to re-sculpt your appearance and achieve a youthful luminescence. Gentle cleansing, nourishing masks and a full face, neck, arm and shoulder Marma massage makes this an excellent choice for dry, mature or dull skin. This transformative facial tones, polishes and rejuvenates. Also ideal prior to special occasions.

Allow 75 mins $175 | Sat/Sun $185.  A farm to face fresh rejuvenating experience.

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