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A loving witness on your healing journey.<br />
A loving witness on your healing journey.
When we reopen our hearts, many great gifts are revealed.

Marye, our founder, has responded to the call. Clients are asking to book time with her, so she can hold you in a safe, sacred space for as long as you need. To support your transformational journey.


You have arrived. Marye will hold space for you, be a loving witness on your healing journey and be intuitively guided as how to best serve you. Create a personal healing journey to address changing belief patterns, grief, feelings of overwhelm/anxiety, deepening your understanding in relationships, recognise your divine sovereignty, healing trauma - your session can include bodywork, energy healing, breathwork, changing mindset, sound healing, light language transmissions and Ayurvedic wisdom.

Breakthrough has three distinct stages that can help us surrender more deeply into the process. These stages can also help give us a solid sense of where we are in our own emotional terrain, as well as where we are heading.

The first stage is about ALLOWING the painful feeling. Whether the feeling is anger, fear, numbness, resentment, grief or any other emotion, the first step is to simply allow yourself to feel it in a safe way. To allow the feeling is to provide some space around it. Until you allow the feeling in, you are in denial of the pain and it will fester inside your psyche. The beauty of allowing is that it is so generous. It just opens the door a little, as much as we are comfortable. There is no pressure. We just take a peek at the pattern. We can even close the door again if it seems too painful. Allowing is a process in which we gradually open the door wider over a period of time.

The second stage occurs when we have done a certain amount of allowing. ACCEPTANCE occurs as we begin to get used to the discomfort. We realise that the emotional pain can transmute into something else. It can seem overwhelming. As we come to accept a negative or unhealthy pattern, it is rather like taking in a stray dog or cat that has been abused. It takes time to rebuild trust. That hurt part of our psyche needs this acclimatisation period in which we gradually come to realise the depth of our pain. Whereas allowing makes space for all manner of feelings and extremes, acceptance brings us to a deeper and more mature place in which we are authentically facing our own pain or difficulty, with love, compassion and understanding.

The final stage is EMBRACING and it is the culmination of any breakthrough. Once an emotional shadow pattern has been fully accepted at the deepest level, it is effectively purged from our system. The painful memory that gave rise to the difficulty has been met with our deepest, most heartfelt compassion.

This is a space Marye knows very well. Maiaveda has been birthed from this space; the healed became the healer.

It has been allowed to express itself without being projected onto another as blame. Neither have we in any way repressed the shadow as something shameful that we wish to forget. Over a period of time through our great courage, the pattern has been transformed, and in a beautiful twist it has become something remarkable – it has become GRACE.

Grace can take many forms – it can come as forgiveness, self-empowerment, humility or any other profound sense of emotional resolution. The essence of the breakthrough is that our pain reveals its true higher purpose which is to bring us a profound sense of wholeness and love.

The most important qualities that help us in transcending our Shadow states are patience, self compassion and gentleness.

Marye can support your approach to this inner work with softness, gentleness and unconditional love - this way your personal journey can help you to open your heart tenderly.

From Marye's personal experience, when light is shone into our wounds, the gift of wisdom is then revealed.


Stress Management

Stress Management program helps to lead a well-balanced, healthy life by reducing stress and relaxing the mind.

This program is a customised
holistic approach of Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation and emotional healing to tackle the stress naturally.

The whole experience is designed to provide tranquility to
the stressed body and mind, and to bring back the natural rhythm of the
psychosomatic system.

Holistic healing treatments intensify the experience of
deep relaxation by removing tensions from physical, mental and emotional levels.

Personalised Healing Journey I $555, 4 hours (half day) | $850 full day (including lunch, allow 6 hours)

Who is this program for: those looking for psychological wellbeing, a mental detox and emotional balance. Can also support those experiencing anxiety, depression, stress, grief and PTSD.


Rejuvenation & Recovery

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Recovery Program is designed to improve body vitality through intensive Ayurvedic treatments, nutritional advice, immunity boosting rasayanas and yoga practices.

These therapeutic and cleansing
therapies are known for their immuno-enhancing, neuro-nutrient, healthy ageing
and anti-cellular stress effects.

The program focuses on balancing nutrition,
creating a richer ojas system, boosting agni and enhancing microcirculation to strengthen immunity.

This results in improved immunity and energy, better metabolism and healthy, glowing, refreshed skin.

Personalised Healing Journey I $555, 4 hours (half day) | $850 full day (including lunch, allow 6 hours)

Who is this program for: for healthy aging and improving immunity, to support recovery from big life transitions, like retirement or overwhelm/burnout. Can also support those experiencing post-surgical care, post cancer care, gynecological issues.


Glowingly Renewed

Both age and health are reflected in skin, bones and joints. As the body's largest
organ skin is the first layer of defence from external factors, but often due to several factors including unhealthy diet, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, environmental pollution and stress - our skin's ability to work as an effective barrier is impaired.

The Renew program using Ayurvedic therapies and rituals,
works on building skin health and unlocks youthful essence through skin cleansing
and skin nourishment.

This program also improves musculo-skeletal health and provides relief from muscle stiffness, rheumatism and arthritis.

Personalised Healing Journey I $555, 4 hours (half day) | $850 full day (including lunch, allow 6 hours)

Who is this program for: for those seeking vitality of skin and hair, and joint care.


Your Personal Wellness Guide

Marye O'Brien is an Ayurvedic practitioner, an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her work is motivated by her deep desire for a world where all beings feel safe, loved and nourished. Although Marye spent many years in the corporate world, she feels that the road to nourishment is not these external avenues but rather an inward one, a journey to the soul. Her son’s stillbirth and subsequent health crisis launched her onto a healing path that has given her insight and wisdom that she shares with a healing kindness. Her gentle but warrior spirit is bringing forth the message that we are divine energy beings with the ability to create and transform our reality.


Ayurvedic & Wellness Consultation

The Ayurvedic consultation explores your physical, mental and emotional health to help you understand your unique energetic constitution or combination of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) that determines your body type and your current imbalances. Marye then prepares a sequence of experiences and a programme of diet and self-care practices according to your mind/body type that will help bring more balance, energy and peace to your entire being.

Ayurveda promotes a lifestyle that is in harmony with Mother Nature. In this and if needed, follow up consultations, the benefits of learning to live consciously, understanding food as medicine, daily routines, movement and meditation practices aligned with your unique constitution is evaluated.

Marye will give you resources based on Ayurvedic guiding principles that will bring balance into your daily life so that your continuing commitment to your wellbeing can bring you back to a state of vibrant health and radiance.

45 - 90mins mins via Zoom or in person

$175 | 75-90mins initial | $135 follow up, 45-60min