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Explore a deepened feminine expression of awakened consciousness.

For like-minded souls looking for peace and a deeper sense of fulfillment in a chaotic and uncertain world.

A luxury escape to rejuvenate mind, body and soul.

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DATES IN 2024 - Friday 6 September to Sunday 8 September 2024 - FULLY BOOKED

DATES IN 2025 - Friday 5 September to Sunday 7 September 2025 - book early to avoid missing out.

Two nights' ensuite accommodation at the beautiful Continental House, Hepburn Springs, Victoria - the space being held with love and compassion by our founder, Marye O'Brien.

Together, we’ll learn to embody the secrets of this ancient wisdom so that you can experience success in all its forms—not just vitality of the body, but love in the mind, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional stability and enthusiasm for life.

Give yourself permission to honour and celebrate you.


Please book or register your interest via link button below, alternatively you may wish to explore a personalised wellness retreat with us.


Marye shares her unique ability to hold sacred space in such a deep and loving way that people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and let go of that which holds them back.


MARYE O'BRIEN, your facilitator

Marye O'Brien is an Ayurvedic practitioner, an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her work is motivated by her deep desire for a world where all beings feel safe, loved and nourished. Although Marye spent many years in the corporate world, she feels that the road to nourishment is not these external avenues but rather an inward one, a journey to the soul. Her son’s stillbirth and subsequent health crisis launched her onto a healing path that has given her insight and wisdom that she shares with a healing kindness. Her gentle but warrior spirit is bringing forth the message that we are divine energy beings with the ability to create and transform our reality.

"She went her entire life hyper-intellectualising her way through. By the standards of most, she had built a successful career, a home, and a family. To live with so much understanding about life but such little feeling of it created a loneliness that no relationship could fill. Addictive tendencies had taken hold. Feelings, that started as whispers, after suppressing for so long, were now too loud to ignore. Anxiety and migraines seemed to be the only way her body could get her to pay attention. When she could no longer think her way through, she had to come home, back to her body.

For someone so intelligent, how did she not know how to feel? When she did feel, she had no idea what to do with it. For so long she had managed the pain and discomforts of life by numbing and ignoring them. Prioritising a rich intellect over her intelligent body. This numbness, once used just to dull discomfort, had now begun to take the lustre out of life.

A life lived with Spirit is to stay close to your aliveness – this is only ever experienced in your body. By regularly reminding yourself to get into your body, you will learn to feel your feelings and allow them to exist without judgement. You will learn to stay with a feeling long enough for it to move, but not so long that you get lost in the story of what you feel.

The body holds stories, some of which are painful and traumatic, but all are in the past. In order to cope, you will create ways of numbing, disassociating, avoiding, and shutting down. These patterns enable you to survive, but there comes a time when they prevent you from thriving.

Embodiment practices will drop you beneath the layer of ‘thinking-mind’ where the proclivity is to fix rather than to heal.

Trust your body’s intelligence to know how to process whatever is arising. Many people think Spirit is something outside of themselves. Connecting to Source will move you to your higher self, but before you go up, it is first necessary to go in. Some places in the body may have been in shadow for a long time and will need to first know they are safe in order to be released. Maiaveda can hold this sacred space for you." - Marye (our founder)


I’m not sure I can find the words to explain the magic of Marye’s “Embodiment Retreat" that I was fortunate to be a part of this weekend.
We gathered at the beautiful Continental House where Marye held a sacred and nurturing space for us to share, learn, grow and heal.
Yoga, meditation, sound baths, Ayurvedic treatments, a food as medicine workshop, sharing circles, rest, grounding, connection. We were nourished amongst nature in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you Marye for gifting us this space, this time and touching our lives in the most transformative way. - Carmen, Glenlyon

Retreat Experience Includes:

  • all nutritious vegetarian/vegan meals prepared by our personal onsite Chef, Erica Crowther, Life & Fork Cooking School
  • two nights ensuite accommodation at The Continental House, Hepburn Springs
  • Qi Gong workshop, facilitated by Ulrike Kennedy
  • fire cleansing ritual ceremony
  • Hammam (Turkish Bath) experience
  • living Ayurveda wellness talks, facilitated by your host, Marye O’Brien, Ayurvedic Practitioner
  • nature walks
  • embodiment through the Chakras workshop, facilitated by Patricia Mottram, Yoga Therapist
  • Women’s health talks
  • sound bath healing meditation, facilitated by your host, Marye O’Brien, Sound Healer
  • sacred healing circle & wisdom talks
  • personal Tarot readings
  • bellydance class, facilitated by Karen Madsen, Belly Dance instructor/performer
  • closing ceremony- African Drumming Circle with Drummergirl, Simone Lang
  • daily morning meditation & Yin Yoga classes
  • Free time to rest, rejuvenate & snuggle with a book
  • Optional Extra:  on-site 60 minute relaxation massage, limited spaces available.

What Makes This Retreat Special * Get deeply nourished on an emotional and spiritual level * Alchemise your emotions and feelings into empowering states of being * Connect with the feminine energy fields within and around you * Give yourself permission to feel everything that moves you, everything that is within you * Let go of limiting beliefs and past traumas * Make lifelong friendships with your new soul sisterhood * Immerse yourself in the healing powers of nature * Commit to your personal growth & spiritual expansion * Discover yourself and step onto the path of lifelong self-love * Express yourself creatively * You get the unique opportunity to let go of old stuck emotions, expectations, and thought patterns, that are holding you back.





Your investment


Connection – our time together will foster close connections with fellow seekers who will help support you on your journey. You’ll forge friendships that endure long after the retreat is over. You’ll experience a like-minded community, loving encouragement, lasting bonds and thoughtful discussion.

 Twin Share, Ensuite Room $995 per person  |   Private Ensuite Room: $2,100

Optional extra: (to be pre-booked, limited sessions available)  Onsite Relaxation massage, 60 minutes ($150)

Payment Structure (via Direct Bank Transfer):   full payment is required to secure your booking.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: If cancelling less than 21 days prior retreat dates, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged if your place cannot be filled.  If filled, a $250 administration fee will be charged, remainder of payment made will be refunded.  By placing a payment you accept these terms and conditions.

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Account Number:  839 897 394

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