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Without an anchor we float aimlessly, <br />
battered by the winds and waves of life.<br />
<br />
Without an anchor we float aimlessly,
battered by the winds and waves of life.

An Ayurvedic cleanse is designed to
instil the foundation of good health.

Ayurvedic Detox Programs


Panchakarma is a transformational journey allowing you to unwind patterns of the emotional and physical body. This Ayurvedic Cleanse/Detox Program is beneficial for prevention of disease,  rejuvenation, physical injuries, pre and post-surgery, auto-immune disorders, nerve disorders, pain management, diabetes, and so much more. 

Lost your Joy?


Overwhelmed? Are you juggling so many responsibilities, projects, commitments thoughts, expectations, that you feel unable to overcome a feeling of being in perpetual overwhelm and it seems like taking care of yourself is just ‘one more thing’?

Overweight? Do you feel that no matter what your goal weight is for you and your personal constitution that you never feel completely happy with how you look and feel, that you are fatigued and always feel a little (or a lot) short of vibrant energetic health? It is not just excess body weight that affects us but also a heavy mind!

In Ayurvedic philosophy there is a perspective on cleansing that goes well beyond the cleanse itself. An Ayurvedic cleanse is about creating a life-practice that can sustain and nourish you so that you never need be in any of these exhausting states of overwork, overwhelm, and overweight. Many cleanses are crash-course, magic-bullet approaches; but do they address the deeper imbalances of body, mind, and emotions for the long term?

Overworked? Are you now or have you ever been in a cycle of feeling like you are working too much, too many hours, too hard – without feeling the balance of rest and reward? Even if you may not work excessive hours you still experience a feeling of overwork and a way-too-busy mind.

An Ayurvedic Cleanse is designed to instil the foundation of good health. It works in a subtle and deep way to prepare you for the upcoming season and beyond. Fasting has its place but an Ayurvedic cleanse is as much about nourishing the tissues and satisfying the mind as it is about releasing toxins (Ama) from the body and also undigested thoughts from the mind. Our tailored programs include detoxification massages, classic Ayurvedic therapies, yogic practices, meditation, relaxation techniques, diet and lifestyle planning; being gently guided and supported each step of the way.

Our 12 day home based Panchakarma (detox) Program includes:

  • One hour private Ayurvedic health assessment
  • Pulse consultation
  • 3 consecutive days of therapeutic treatments at Maiaveda specific to your needs
    • typically a 3 hour session per day including Shirodhara, Swedana (Steam Therapy), Abhyanga Massage
  • Medicinal Herbs prescribed by Ayurvedic Doctor
  • Supervision by Ayurvedic Doctor over 12 days by phone/Skype
  • Rejuvenation Tonics
  • Ayurvedic Recipe e-Book & other after-care resources

A 12 day residential experience in Kyneton can also be tailored for you, call Marye to discuss your personalised program.


Dr Gurnam Saini, Ayurvedic Doctor, BAMS

Maiaveda is honoured to be affiliated with Dr Gurnam Singh Saini, Ayurvedic Doctor, B.A.M.S., MD (Alternative Medicine), Certificate of Panchakarma Detox, Member of Australian Ayurvedic Association (AAA).

Dr Saini is well experienced and fully qualified Ayurvedic clinical practitioner who has many success stories behind him. Many clients working with Marye at Maiaveda who are keen to explore Ayurveda to restore their health and well-being are referred to Dr Saini for an in-depth consultation, Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and a tailored diet to support a detoxification program based on the individual’s doshic imbalance(s), with supporting Ayurvedic therapies recommended by Dr Saini administered by Marye O’Brien at Maiaveda.  Both Marye and Dr Saini also facilitate Ayurvedic Detox Retreats in India every two years.

Contact Maiaveda to organise a consultation with Dr Saini, or discuss ways in which an Ayurvedic wellness program can be designed specifically for you and your goals.