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Ancient and specialised healing rituals <br />
to help restore your vital energy.<br />
<br />
Ancient and specialised healing rituals
to help restore your vital energy.

Through our nurturing environment and healing touch
let us return you to a balanced state.

Ayurvedic Therapies


Abhyanga (Detoxing) Massage

Abhyanga is designed to balance the mind and body, promoting physical, emotional, and mental harmony. Our skilled therapists use long, flowing strokes to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms and promote the release of tension and toxins. The herbal oils used in this treatment are chosen specifically for their nourishing and rejuvenating properties, helping to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Whether you’re seeking relief from stress and tension, or simply looking to pamper yourself with a luxurious spa experience, this treatment is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their overall sense of wellbeing.

Boost lymphatic drainage and detoxification | Relieves muscle tension and stiffness | Improves mental clarity and focus | Boosts immunity and overall health.

Classic 60 mins $150 | Sat/Sun $165 | Abhyanga Deluxe 90 mins $195 I Sat/Sun $210

with Marye add 15%



Shirodhara is a blissful treatment that induces a profound sense of peace and well-being, quietening the mind, revitalising the nervous system and balancing the emotions. It helps to reduce fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety, mind clutter, fear and nervousness. It induces deep relaxation and increases spiritual awareness and bliss.

Continuous experience of this profound rejuvenating therapy will support recovery from addictions and sleeplessness.

Three consecutive treatments are recommended.

It is the ultimate in relaxation and a natural anti-ageing treatment.

This ancient Ayurvedic therapy is administered by a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner. You are in safe hands. We use only authentic Ayurvedic herbalised oils designed to support the central nervous and endocrine systems.

Hormonal imbalances, disorders of the nervous system, nervous exhaustion, stress and anxiety. This treatment will also give your skin a beautiful natural glow as well as lustrous, healthy hair, it can also prevent greying or balding hair.

Shirodhara was traditionally used for its ability to awaken spirituality and intuition by stimulating the ajna chakra or “third eye”, which in Ayurveda is believed to be the seat of human consciousness, healing and spirituality.

60 mins $175 I Sat/Sun $195 | If booking three consecutive treatments, discounted to $150 per session.

Indian Head Massage and Shirodhara, 90 minutes $290 I Sat/Sun $310


Nourish & Restore

Abhyanga + Shirodhara

Maiaveda's Signature Abhyanga nourishes your body and restores a youthful glow to your skin. This luxurious full-body therapy can be followed by our Shirodhara, where oil infusions, streamed over your forehead, profoundly calm your nervous system and dissolve stress.

2 hours $320 | Sat/Sun $340


Pinda Swedana / Hot Herbal Compress

Therapeutic Ayurvedic herbal plants are crushed in a traditional pestle and mortar & cooked in rice & milk, then tied into a muslin cloth which forms the medium for this therapy, known in India as a bolus or compress. After warming, oil is applied to the body, the hot herbal compress uses an Ayurvedic technique called pummelling.

75 mins $190 I Sat/Sun $210

Not only nourishing, strengthening and rejuvenating but also a very beneficial therapy for arthritis sufferers and sports enthusiasts as it addresses stiffness and swelling in joints, inflamed and overworked muscles.


Kati Basti with Steam Therapy

This is a very effective treatment for lower back ache, sciatica, stiffness, pelvic and other lumbar-sacral pain. A dam made of besan flour is placed on the lower back and special herbalised warm oil is gently poured into it for a prescribed duration. Includes an Abhyanga massage. The local Marma points are energised, and the warm herbal oil soothes the pain.

This treatment increases the circulation in the region, and both nourishes and strengthens the muscles and nerves.

A unique treatment targeting musculoskeletal disorders of the spine, shoulder and joints, as well as the thoracic area. Designed to help increase flexibility and reduce pain, this ancient treatment can nourish and restore underlying tissues.

What does Kati Basti treatment treat?

Conditions such as sciatica, slipped and degenerative discs, acute and chronic back pain, constipation and some menstrual disorders.

75 mins $175 I Sat/Sun $190

Includes Herbal Steam Therapy.


Shiroabhyanga (Indian Head Massage)

The head, neck and shoulders contain energy centres (marma points) where tension is most likely to accumulate. These marma points are gently, firmly and rhythmically massaged whilst lying down on the massage table for your comfort, until the pressure begins to fade using aromatic oils tailored to your needs. A shorter seated version is also available.

An intensely relaxing and revitalising experience, this massage nourishes hair, improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the head region, eases chronic head and neck problems, relieves insomnia, migraine, dry scalp and itching, and stimulates the sensory organs and is blissfully soothing for the soul.

Improves and rejuvenates central nervous system health. Improves eye strain, relieves headaches, migraines, stress and insomnia. Relaxes muscles and reduces stiffness.

45 mins $120 I Sat/Sun $130

With Marye add 15%


Ayurvedic Blissful Detox (Purva Karma) Ritual

An Ayurvedic Blissful Detox is a combination of an Ayurvedic Detoxing (Abhyanga) Massage, Shirodhara and Herbal Steam Therapy. These therapies take the mind, body, and spirit on an inner voyage of relaxation and mental purification. By creating profound relaxation, promoting energy flow and purifying the body/mind, this ritual encourages a deep remembering and peace that supports the healing process and connection to Spirit. Includes a full body steam from the neck down infusing dosha specific herbs and heat to detoxify and purify the body.

After the mind has been brought to a deep sense of calm, the body is balanced and nourished. The steam aids in the release of surface toxins that have been mobilised by the massage. You will be left feeling truly calm and centred.

2 hours 30 mins $350 I Sat/Sun $375

Ideal for rejuvenation, moving any stagnation or heaviness of mind and body.


Padabhyanga (Foot Rejuvenation Ritual)

This is Ayurvedic Foot Reflexology at its finest. This Foot Rejuvenation Ritual includes a soothing aromatic foot soak, exfoliation, and massage on both the feet and lower legs. Slowly and methodically, the toes, feet, ankles and calves are massaged with the small Kansa Vatki copper bowl. This is followed by a sequence of Marma (acupressure) massage, which helps to detoxify and rebalance the body’s energies.

Padabhyanga massage includes hand techniques such as friction, knuckling and effleurage on the feet and the legs to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow. These techniques also assist in the vital flow of prana giving vital energy to the body and mind. Prana naturally flows, via major nadis (thousands of micro energy channels), down through the limbs towards the fingers and toes. If the flow of prana is sluggish or blocked, the inevitable outcome will be an absence of health (dis-ease) within the organism.

Helps calm the mind, promotes quality sleep, promotes circulation in the feet and legs, nourishes the skin on the feet, aids foot health (alleviates pain, improves muscle tone and strength), helps maintain eyesight and hearing, helps calm and maintain the vata dosha, helps prevent sciatica and most importantly it connects the body with its emotions bringing it closer to the spiritual level.

According to Ayurveda healthy feet are one of the keys to overall wellbeing.

45 mins $95 I Sat/Sun $110

With Marye add 15%


Udvartana (Herbal Powder Exfoliation Massage)

Udvartana softens the skin leaving it with a lustrous glow. This treatment helps to reduce excess weight and water retention by invigorating a sluggish lymphatic system. It helps to eliminate lymphatic toxins out of the body, improve sluggish circulation and digestion. It increases the metabolic rate, balances kapha dosha, helps dissolve fat and exfoliates the skin. Starting with a Garshan (body brushing) followed by dry herbal powders used for a body powder exfoliation, then a Triphala oil massage finishing with a steam tent detox to further stimulate sweating and cleansing.

90 mins $240 I Sat/Sun $260 (includes Steam Therapy)

Invigorates the body & rejuvenates the skin. This body treatment awakens the cells, removes impurities, improves circulation and skin texture and feels energised and regenerated.


Swedana / Herbal Steam Therapy

This full body steam therapy from the neck down infuses dosha specific herbs and heat to encourage the release of toxins through the skin by inducing perspiration, helping purify and cleanse the body. Deeply restorative, leave feeling lighter.

Enhancement - add on to your treatment for an extra $65

Enhances the effect of any massage.


Garshan / Dry Body Brushing

Garshan is a traditional Ayurvedic dry massage with a special silk glove that can be done as an alternative to an oil massage. It is especially recommended for those trying to lose weight and those with Kapha predominance. By stimulating the connective tissues, metabolism and blood circulation are improved and impurities are removed more quickly and easily. It also helps in the prevention and reduction of cellulite and helps to illuminate the skin.

This treatment is not a stand alone therapy, ADD AS AN ENHANCEMENT to any massage experience.

Enhancement - add to any massage for an extra $45

Great for weight loss, cellulite and Kapha imbalances especially when a series of therapies are taken over 3-7 days.



Nasya is an effective Ayurvedic remedy for clearing the nasal passages and supporting healthy sinuses. This treatment begins with a facial steam and is followed by a face and neck massage. Then, herbal oils are administered into the nose to help heal the sinuses. Smoke from heated herbs is then inhaled to prevent excess oil accumulation in the nasal passages.

Nasya is classically used for allergies, snoring, sinusitis, sleep apnea and headaches. It is praised in yoga for its profound effects on increasing mental focus and meditation. This therapy also is known to have profound effects on our emotions, desires and memories, leaving guests in a heightened state of clarity and vitality.

Allow 45 mins $95 I Sat/Sun $110

Improves breathing, sleep, clarity, reduces headaches and balances hormones.


Ayurvedic Awakening Ritual

The ultimate half day experience of tranquillity and peace of mind. Our exotic spa ritual journey begins with the bathing of your feet in a warm rose petalled aromatic footbath, next a full body Abhyanga massage using warm Ayurvedic herbal oils, followed by a nurturing Indian Head Massage Treatment and Padabhyanga Foot Reflexology simultaneously ensue to harmonise opposing energies and realign the body’s natural accordance. Finally a blissful Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment, to heal and calm the nervous system and instil a deep state of peace and relaxation. This treatment is based on a cornerstone Ayurvedic protocol for treating any illness in the body, and is quite often prescribed as a preparation for the more intensive therapies that come with Panchakarma (Ayurvedic detox and regeneration treatment system).

4 hours - half day intensive healing journey $555

Includes a Wellness Consultation & Maiaveda Spa Gift Pack.



Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s purification and rejuvenation method and therapeutic means of eliminating impurities from the body and mind. It is designed to remove deep rooted stress and impurities while balancing the doshas – those energies or forces that govern all biological functions.

To begin your detox you will make an appointment with our Ayurvedic Physician, Dr Gurnam Saini, to discuss your health concerns and to create a detox plan to address your unique needs and goals.


We offer a 12 day home based detox program with supervision by Dr Saini.