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Be transformed and emerge <br />
ready to face the world renewed.<br />
Be transformed and emerge
ready to face the world renewed.
Maiaveda is a healing sanctuary,
nurturing deep peace and total rejuvenation.

Take the opportunity to get off the treadmill of life.

Allow Maiaveda to be your personal wellness concierge.


Ayurveda has a systematic approach to healing by detoxifying the body and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit. The healing principles of Ayurveda have remained unchanged for centuries. Its philosophy does not change in response to the latest fads in the health industry but are based on centuries of scientific observation of the natural world.


Whether you need a few days entirely in our care or can only spare a few hours, Maiaveda will provide a transformational wellness experience suited entirely to your needs.

Our Ayurvedic treatments can support those needing to recharge from stress, anxiety, overwork and chronic health issues.

We specialise in complete customisation to bring you back to a life of better health.

Our wellness concierge service will provide accommodation, food and treatment services tailored to individuals, couples or small groups.

We work with a select group of local accommodation providers and caterers to ensure that your every need is taken care of.

We support executive and corporate health, those with chronic illness and individuals wanting to reboot their life.

All our retreat programs are managed discreetly and with full intention of you achieving optimised wellbeing.

Maiaveda can support you to re-establish your inner balance and empower you with the knowledge and tools to sustain it.


We will help you understand the causative factors of stress and create a complete package that will allow you to better deal with the stress of daily living.

An important goal of Ayurveda is to identify a person’s ideal state of balance, determine patterns of imbalance, and offer a multi modality therapeutic approach using suitable diet, herbs, aromatherapy, detoxing and massage treatments, yoga therapy and meditation to re-establish one's inner balance.

Our REJUVENATION customised Wellness Package are suitable for those suffering from:

- Anxiety
- Stress
- Depression
- Insomnia
- Executive burnout
- Fatigue
- Hopelessness
- Trauma
- Panic attacks
- Insomnia
- Lack of motivation
- Overwhelm

Our carefully tailored Wellness Packages consist of education and demonstration of daily regimes, daily Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and meditation sessions, dietary and lifestyle guidelines and transformational life coaching that will bring the mind/body back into balance.


- Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation / Life Coaching Sessions
- Daily Detoxing Ayurvedic Massage
- Daily Shirodhara (Third Eye treatment) - calms nervous system, supports anxiety/insomnia
- Foot Rejuvenation Ritual/ Reflexology Session
- Daily Herbal Steam Therapy
- Organic Revitalising Ayurvedic Facial
- Daily private Yoga Therapy / Meditation Sessions
- All healthy meals, private catering to meet any special dietary requirements
- Two nights luxury accommodation at St Agnes Homestead (short distance from Maiaveda)
- Personal support and guidance with our founder, Marye O'Brien

Please reach out, let us help you plan your personalised well-being healing journey.