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The wound is the place where<br />
the light enters you - Rumi
The wound is the place where
the light enters you - Rumi
"Marye is an intuitive loving mentor
I am so fortunate to be working with her."
- Jan

Somatic Embodiment Coaching


1:1 private sessions with our founder, Marye O'Brien, designed to support you to explore and heal the deeper root cause of your current mental/emotional, relationship, health or life/career issue. Marye is a qualified Vedic and Holistic Counsellor, Intuitive Healer and Ayurvedic Practitioner, she has been using trauma-informed somatic based healing methods in her work to support hundreds of clients for many years.

Many of our current issues are symptoms of a deeper wound. It is time to re-write the stories. When we heal at the causal level, all symptoms above this level naturally dissolve and we transform our inner and outer reality.

Your inner journey will include bodywork, meditation, exploration of mindset, conditioning, and heavy fear-based energies within a safe and loving environment; allowing for transcendence, embody wholeness, begin living from a higher vibrational state of being, feel more calm, peace, freedom, love and empowerment.

Healing Deep Wounds

Learn how to alchemise the pain into light and back to love, dissolving the density from your cells and soul. Our hardened exterior and frozen places will soften, and gradually dissolve you default mechanisms of control, defensiveness and protection - the walls and barriers, to an open heart, allowing more love and light in.

This dearmouring of our false reality with Marye's nurturing guidance, is a gentle, safe and a gradual process of unfolding, with loving guidance, you will return home to your truth.

The more we transmute the emotional energy from within our body the more our symptoms will be healed.

This process is transformational, creating change on many levels including psychological, emotional, physiological and energetic. As we heal and unravel the traumas from the soul-body-mind, our entire lives begin to reflect this deeper embodiment of our true self.

If you would like to explore being mentored by Marye, book a strategy call via the link below.


I have been wanting to try Maiaveda for over 2 years now but had so much going on. Recently, I gave birth to our premature baby boy and needed some care for myself. My husband reminded me to see if there were any last-minute bookings and I was so lucky to have a spot free last Saturday with Marye. The greeting and welcoming I received from Marye was so caring and nurturing that I was taken aback. My feet were bathed, comfy slippers provided, and a special mantra to help me heal.

I felt safe and so special. My signature massage transcended me into another realm. Marye knew exactly what I needed, not just physically but spiritually. I have never had a massage like this before, and I finally found my place, it felt like home. I am already planning to book on a regular basis. I left feeling full and light, re-energised. I am very grateful to Marye and Maiaveda, what a magical place. Thank you for realigning me.

– Dorothy

Interested in working with Marye, our founder, click here to explore her tailored offerings.