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Intuitively prepared and focuses <br />
on the alchemy of letting go.
Intuitively prepared and focuses
on the alchemy of letting go.
Awaken your deep wisdom, and align to vibrant
wellness in this sacred gathering of hearts

Embody ancient wisdom for modern times, feel Empowered & Embrace vitality


An illuminating and uplifting experience for those like-minded souls wanting to find peace and a deeper sense of fulfillment in an increasingly chaotic world.

2024 RETREAT dates:

Fri 6 Sept 2024 to Sun 8 Sept 2024

The space will be held in love and compassion by our founder, Marye O'Brien.

"Marye shares her unique ability to hold sacred space in such a deep and loving way that people feel safe enough to be vulnerable and let go of that which holds them back."

Marye O'Brien is an Ayurvedic practitioner, an intuitive energy and sound healer. Her work is motivated by her deep desire for a world where all beings feel safe, loved and nourished. Although Marye spent many years in the corporate world, she feels that the road to nourishment is not these external avenues but rather an inward one, a journey to the soul. Her son’s stillbirth and subsequent health crisis launched her onto a healing path that has given her insight and wisdom that she shares with a healing kindness. Her gentle but warrior spirit is bringing forth the message that we are divine energy beings with the ability to create and transform our reality.

TESTIMONY from retreat participant:

I’m not sure I can find the words to explain the magic of Marye’s “Return to Wholeness” retreat that I was fortunate to be a part of this weekend.
We gathered at the beautiful Continental House where Marye held a sacred and nurturing space for us to share, learn, grow and heal. Yoga, meditation, sound baths, Ayurvedic treatments, a food as medicine workshop, sharing circles, rest, grounding, connection. We were nourished amongst nature in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you Marye for gifting us this space, this time and touching our lives in the most transformative way. - Carmen, Glenlyon

Rest, explore, rejuvenate .... make new friends, enjoy peace and quiet in a tranquil setting.

Retreat Package Includes:

all nutritious vegetarian/vegan meals, personal chef on-site
two nights accommodation at The Continental House - private ensuite rooms (single and twin share)

Feminine Awakened Consciousness workshop
Fire cleansing ritual ceremony
Tarot readings
Living Ayurveda, Your True Nature seminar
Qi Gong Workshop
Hammam (Turkish Bath) experience
African Drumming workshop
Sacred Sound Bath Healing meditation
Bellydance workshop
Daily morning meditation & Yin Yoga classes
Free time to rest, rejuvenate & snuggle with a book

*Optional Extra: on-site 60 minute relaxation massage, limited spaces available.

Your investment:

$2,100 private, ensuite room - all inclusive*
$995 twin share, ensuite room per person - all inclusive*

Connection – our time together will foster close connections with fellow seekers who will help support you on your journey. You’ll forge friendships that endure long after the retreat is over. You’ll experience a like-minded community, loving encouragement, lasting bonds and thoughtful discussion.

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Sound as Medicine


SOUND AS HEALING MEDICINE Marye O’Brien, Sound Healer The human voice is considered to be the supreme instrument of healing. Toning refers to the use of the voice for releasing pain and stress and helps to balance the body with healing frequencies. Marye uses over toning, a technique whereby a practitioner allows themselves to be a channel to allow sacred healing sound and will then voice intuitively inspired sounds. The practice of over toning can have astonishing results. When you consider the scientific research acknowledging that sound can literally rearrange molecular structure, it is entirely possible for miraculous changes to occur including release of tension in the muscles, reduction or elimination of chronic pain, emotional release, realignment of the vertebrae and much more. Following a treatment, recipients of over toning report feelings of deep inner peace and relaxation, blissful emotions, feeling light headed, release from physical pain, increased feelings of well-being and much more.