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Living a conscious life.
Living a conscious life.
Enhance our connection with ourselves, our relationships and our planet.
Ayurveda is a transformational pathway for elevating consciousness and is available to all.

How can you live a conscious life?


Looking for an inspirational speaker?

Marye O’Brien is a lighthouse for others, an Ayurvedic practitioner, a vibrational medicine healer, and a spiritual mentor to many. She lives in Woodend with her husband and rescue dog, and runs her business Maiaveda, a Holistic Health Retreat & Spa in Kyneton, Victoria.

Over the past 13 years with Maiaveda, Marye has attracted clients from around the country, been recognised as a leader in the Macedon Ranges community through her support to the community during COVID and the Macedon Ranges Suicide Action Prevention Group, and been interviewed by numerous journalists and influencers, and has been featured in 'The Australian' and 'The Age', travel section highlighting Maiaveda as being one of the top 10 things to experience when visiting the Macedon Ranges region.

Marye’s warmth and engaging speaking style captivate audiences and challenge those present to experience something quite different. 

Her presentations are an invitation to hear stories of transformation. Marye inspires and empowers audiences on how communities can build its resilience and live a more conscious life through ancient Ayurvedic wisdom. By elevating your consciousness you begin to feel the interconnectedness of all things. Marye also transcends those in her presence with her mystical sound bath performances (vibrational medicine) on stage, her love is palpable, witnessing Marye speak, is sublime. 

For speaking engagements, please send your enquiries to relax@maiaveda.com.au


The birth of Maiaveda.

Ayurveda is a transformational pathway for elevating consciousness and is available to all. Marye shares her story of why she founded Maiaveda, how love and our vulnerability are powerful.

Talk given by Marye O'Brien.

[duration: 4mins 09secs]


The Heart & Sound of Brave.

One woman's journey to creating a conscious life and business.

Marye's inspirational story.

[duration: 24mins 52secs]


The Sound of Brave.

Vibrational medicine.

Enjoy this divine sound bath healing meditation, a gift from Marye.

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[duration: 10mins 07secs]