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Ayurveda teaches us how to live <br />
in our most balanced state.
Ayurveda teaches us how to live
in our most balanced state.
Using Nature's wisdom to balance
mind, body and spirit.

Marye, our Founder


Ayurvedic Practitioner / Vedic Counsellor / Post Partum Doula / Yoga Teacher / Sound & Intuitive Healer / Reiki Master / Educator

Professional Member of the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

  • Diploma Holistic Counselling (Australasian Institute of Holistic Therapies)
  • Diploma in Ayurvedic Therapies (Institute of Holistic Therapies)
  • Certificate in Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Support (Institute of Holistic Therapies)
  • Qualified Yoga Teacher RYT 200
  • Bachelor of Media Arts (RMIT, Melbourne)
  • Advanced Diploma Community Services Management (Bendigo TAFE)
  • Reiki Master (Usui System)
  • Diploma Vedic Counselling (Ayurvedic Healing Institute, USA) Mentor, Dr Suhas Kshirsagar
  • Certificate in Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies (Ayurvedic Healing Institute, USA)


An Ayurvedic Life

The only person who can look after your health is you. You have to give yourself permission to nurture yourself so that when there's an inevitable bump in the road of life you can deal with it the best way you can. My own journey has taught me that looking after yourself is not a pampering experience, it is a way for your body and mind to rejuvenate, for you to cultivate your innate wisdom. Ayurveda has been around for thousands of years - it is a gentle, natural, yet transformational path to balance your mind, body and spirit. Reconnect to your Self, your joy, by immersing yourself in Ayurveda's profound wisdom.

- Marye

Marye is the thread that connects each bead of this mala of experiences in an inspiring, committed and humble manner.
After her own transformational journey with Ayurvedic healing and a spiritual awakening in 2010, Marye O’Brien has since committed herself to bringing the unique health and wellness benefits of Ayurveda to others and has been living her life in service since 2011. Combining natural ways of healing through combining Ayurveda, Yoga, meditation and diet, Marye has bought balance of the mind, body and spirit to many.

Marye is a qualified Ayurvedic health practitioner and Vedic counsellor. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher who believes the the ancient insights of traditional mind/ body medicine along with modern medical research can delivery a happy, healthy and vibrant life. Marye herself delivers this wisdom in a practical way through healing touch, sound therapies, movement and medicinal foods.

Since founding Maiaveda in 2011, Marye has treated and consulted with hundreds of clients, guiding her guests through their own wellness experience whilst educating them about the philosophy of Ayurveda and living consciously.

Marye believes that experiencing joy, gratitude and love are the keys to gaining and sustaining health. At the core, she is guided by a deep desire to live her own life in alignment with her truest inner nature, and to support others in doing the same.