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and heal someone else" - Maya Angelou" />
"As soon as healing takes place, go out
and heal someone else" - Maya Angelou



Massage Therapist
Spa Therapist
Women's Health Consultant


Available Mondays & Wednesdays, some weekends.

Throughout my extensive 33 years of nursing I have had a great interest in and have continuously explored the principles and benefits of holistic healing in healthcare. Incorporating massage, meditation and holistic health counselling has been paramount in the nurturing of my patients in Women’s Health and oncology. The relationship between mind, body and spirit in the healing process has been my focus of care.

Coming home to my soul purpose
Over the past 7 years I have also been honoured to work with Marye with massage therapy and women’s circles. Now living in Kyneton and retired from nursing, I have come to a new road in my journey that has allowed me to fully pursue my first love of holistic health incorporating touch and energy work through massage. I have completed my circle and come home to my soul purpose.