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Healing that echoes <br />
through lives in a profoundly positive way.<br />
Healing that echoes
through lives in a profoundly positive way.
Experience deep healing
and transformation.

A safe and sacred space to connect and be held

Sacred Sound Meditation with Marye

By meditating with sacred sound, we are able to assimilate our most heartfelt intentions while regenerating the body.  This sacred space as a conduit for building community.

“Deep healing and transformation happens when a person is ‘seen’ and held with love by others while they navigate life’s challenges”.   – Marye

Marye O’Brien is dedicated to raising awareness, inspiring passion, creating harmony and spreading love through her teachings, healing therapies and sound healing experiences.  Her personal practice is grounded in the studies of sacred sound therapy and the Vedic sciences.  Although Marye has been exploring living consciously for most of her life, she began facilitating sound bath meditations in 2014 after experiencing a spiritual awakening that changed the course of her life.


Dates & Venues for 2021

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Sacred Sound Meditation with Marye


Experience a sound meditation to nourish the body, release emotion, clear the mind, and expand consciousness with our very own Marye O’Brien. This deeply relaxing multi-instrumental journey through nature’s healing elements; connects you to Gong, Shaman Drum, Crystal Bowls, Meditation Chimes, Monochorde, Voice, Tibetan Bowls, Percussion, Sacred Chants in ancient languages and more. Sound Healing is a profound and powerful experience of healing sound and vibration which combines pure natural sound, ancient mantras and soulful voice. Sound has been utilised in various cultures for thousands of years as a tool for the body, mind and soul of a person for harmony and healing. You will receive powerful mantras, sound medicine melodies and other different songs accompanied by sacred instruments in order to move in a place of complete relaxation and peace. The benefits of sound healing are among others stress reduction, deep relaxation, improved sleep, improved concentration, and a stronger immune system. Sound healing affects all cells in your body. Suitable for school aged children (8 years plus). Exchange:  $20 Adult*, $15 Concession*, Children aged 8-17 are free  *plus processing fee

The sacredness of the experience is to be respected by all attendees. There are LIMITED spaces available. Bookings are essential.  Please bring along a pillow – yoga mat, bolster and blanket will be provided, the option to sit in a chair is also available.


For all enquiries, please contact Marye
M. 0420 580 886 E. relax@maiaveda.com.au