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A nurturing place where people <br />
can learn, heal and grow.<br />
A nurturing place where people
can learn, heal and grow.
"What you seek is seeking you" - Rumi

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The coronavirus pandemic may very well be a call for all of us to slow down and return to a more aligned harmony with nature. This extreme wake up call reminds us of the importance of having daily self-care practices that keep our minds calm, our bodies healthy and our immunity strong.

Marye O'Brien (Ayurvedic Practitioner) and Sarah Conte (Naturopath/Nutritionist) have collaborated to create this safe, non-judgemental forum to support us to live a life of optimal health and balance, which further enables us to show up for the world when it needs us the most.

Maiaveda is responding to the collective stress and anxiety the world is experiencing due to the spread of coronavirus, and the way it’s tapping into many of our deepest fears.

Right now, a lot of us are feeling fear and anxiety. These are important feelings. Our bodies shift into fight-or-flight to alert us to be careful and use caution in situations of real danger, such as when we are standing too close to a ledge, when we come across a bear in the forest and, yes, in the face of a worldwide virus pandemic.

In these times, fear is not only normal, but useful, so that we remember to take precautions and protect ourselves as best we can; we move our child away from the ledge, we quietly turn around and move away from the bear, we wash our hands and avoid flying to Italy or Korea right now.

However, we all know that too much fear and anxiety can take ahold of our minds and get away from us, which is what’s happening very quickly as the coronavirus spreads. We all know the feeling of our brains getting on a loop, as we envision worst-case scenarios, imagining terrible things about what’s to come, our body full of adrenaline and cortisol. This kind of irrational fear and anxiety is not helpful. All it does is control us, trigger chronic anxiety and cause us to behave in irrational ways, like stocking up on a year’s worth of toilet paper or soap.

Fear turns from being useful to harmful when, instead of inspiring us to use caution, it causes us to spiral into chronic stress, which leads to irrational actions and thoughts, and actually weakens our immune systems!

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Education and understanding can reduce our fears. So Maiaveda is creating a safe space for us to connect, ask questions and leave empowered with knowledge and understanding on how we can STRENGTHEN OUR IMMUNE RESILIENCE.

Please join Sarah Conte our resident Naturopath and Nutritionist, and myself on this safe, non-judgement forum where we will be available to answer your questions, educate your mind, on your body and health.

We are in this together. Stay connected.

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