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Self-discovery is <br />
Self-discovery is
Vedic Counselling is a way of
Self-knowledge. It is meant to stimulate
our own inner processes of knowing.

Vedic Counselling

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away.”
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Vedic Counselling addresses the total human being as a reflection of the greater universe of matter, life, mind, and consciousness.

Find real happiness from inside.

Explore the depths of a Vedic Counselling session with our founder, Marye O'Brien.

People are more stressful in today's fast life, and all this pressure can produce wear and tear on the body and mind. Frequent exposure to stress can result in imbalances and health issues such as sleep disorders, anxiety attacks, depression and weight loss or gain.

Marye utilises an integrative and holistic Ayurvedic approach to psychotherapy with an emphasis on assisting clients with getting to the root or energetic cause of illnesses or difficulties they are experiencing in their lives. These issues can range from physical ailments to emotional and psychological disorders. During your session, the practitioner offers the client insight into behaviours, patterns, beliefs, and habits that are inhibiting him or her from obtaining full access to develop positive life patterns towards their true Self and true potential.

As a Vedic Counsellor, Marye O'Brien can assist you in bringing clarity and balance on an emotional and energetic level. Marye is a true counsellor, particularly in the Vedic sense, as she is able to look at life and the person as a whole, she is able to get into the heart of the client, to understand their inner nature and help them find their unique path to self-discovery. Only when we reach this deepest level of motivation can there be lasting change for anyone, her experience and knowledge of the Vedic sciences (Ayurveda, Yogic Philosophy, Joytish (Astrology) and Vastu (Flow of Energy) can help to change your karma, actions, reactions and the results.
Initial Consultation $170
(90 mins, includes Astrological Birth Chart)

Subsequent sessions $135 OR
Book 4 or more sessions, discounted to $110 per session

In person or via Skype. Concessions available.

By Appointment Only.