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Self-discovery is <br />
Self-discovery is
A healthy body and mind are
the medium for happiness.

Self-discovery system for transforming your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and practices through the healing art of Ayurveda.

What if I told you that in 6 weeks, you could finally get your verve and vitality back?

Or that at the end of 6 weeks you will not feel so sick and tired anymore?

That your sluggishness, fatigue, low mood or sadness could finally move on so you can get on with living the beautiful life you deserve?

In six weeks. Just six, you’ll be held and guided through the wisdom of Ayurveda to enjoy your life.

This is the change you have wanted. All you have to do is begin.

Within 6 WEEKS Marye O'Brien, our Founder/Principal Ayurvedic Practitioner, will take you deep into the practical life-arts of Ayurvedic wisdom.

You will begin to notice profound shifts from the very first week as you prepare to:

RELEASE toxins
RENEW your faith in yourself
TRANSCEND your wildest dreams of great health, bountiful love, and spiritual awareness.
INTEGRATE this knowledge and practices into your existing routine.

Ayurvedic + Spiritual Life Mentoring
(limited offerings available; Marye is only taking on 6 students in 2019).

"Ayurveda, the ancient science of conscious living, teaches that health is a direct result of our lifestyle. You have the capacity to awaken your innate physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through mindful living. In our work together, I’ll teach you how to embody this awakened lifestyle. It is a gentle process that brings dramatic and sustainable shifts". - Marye

Ayurveda calls its lifestyle wisdom swasthavritta, literally meaning “the regime of abiding in one’s own nature”. When we align ourselves with Nature’s rhythms, feed both body and mind with care, and treat the body as the temple that it is, we reconnect with our true Self: that which is vibrant, fulfilled, and peaceful. We evoke health at all levels.

Wellbeing is an innate human desire. When we’re healthy, we not only look good (glowing skin, bright eyes, healthy weight), we feel good. But this innate human desire has much deeper roots. A healthy body and mind are the medium for happiness. When we’re healthy, we’re able to enjoy life and our relationships, fulfill our purpose, and work on our personal evolution. Health is the foundation for our entire human experience.

Marye supports both men and women who seek this vitality, inner peace and embodiment. No matter where you are in terms of your health, adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy beliefs will help you to feel more balanced, uplifted, confident, self-empowered and peaceful.

This is not a quick fix program or crash diet or temporary cover up of imbalances, but a journey of finding your own unique expression of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

"As your loving witness, I will support you to come from a renewed place of self-awareness, cultivating self-acceptance, take full responsibility for your wellbeing and deepen your self-care practices. You are enough. Sometimes we need to be witnessed, to dive deep into our pain, be re-birthed with new eyes and an open heart. From my own transformational experiences, true meaningful change comes from a deep desire to detach from unhealthy patterns, experience your emotions, understand the catalysts necessary to awaken. From here we begin to embody characteristics of our true essence - joy, compassion, generosity, presence, discernment, equanimity, sacred action and boundless peace." - Marye

There is a state of wellbeing that lives within each of us. It is the sadhana or spiritual practice of living in harmony with nature’s pulse that helps us to evoke this innate sense of physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Marye will guide you toward a refreshing way of deepening your self-care that establishes lasting wellbeing. Her nurturing approach is entirely holistic; including daily rituals, self-awareness, mindful eating, yoga, meditation, herbs and breathwork to treat the body, mind and spirit as the unified being that it is.

This journey can help with:

- Stress, anxiety, insomnia and emotional ups and downs
- Low self-esteem, lack of focus/goals and life-purpose
- Low energy and libido, sluggishness and chronic fatigue
- Difficulty falling or staying asleep
- Skin conditions, reverse the signs of ageing
- Aligning oneself to their unique Nature, reconnect to your Self
- Cultivate awareness, self-love and live the life of your dreams


Nourish the BODY: Your physical wellbeing. Your vitality factor
Illuminate the MIND: Your mental state. Your peace factor
Harmonise the HEART: Your emotions. Your love factor
Free the SPIRIT: Your connection to the Divine. Your bliss factor
We can meet in person in Kyneton or via Skype. Our work together includes:

- A 90 minute initial consultation ($120). A deep knowing of your health and what your life is like will help me guide you on this journey. This exploration will give us an opportunity to decide if we are a good fit, there is no obligation to continue if you decide you are not ready to commit to this process. You take away, insight and understanding of where you are on your road map to your aspirations. As your navigator, I help you see the difference between your false and true Self.

- 12 additional hours ($1,200) of my time, love, counsel, energy, therapies (if practicable) and unconditional support;
based on 2 hours per week for 6 weeks

- A personalised wellness plan which will grow and evolve throughout our work together.
All aspects of your lifestyle are taken into account so that change is realistic and sustainable.

- Along with lifestyle/nutritional shifts, holistic counselling, Ayurvedic herbs, yoga, breathwork, meditation, daily regimes and bodywork (if practicable) are also integrated into your program, to support your establishment of transformational self-care practices; these consultations are customised for your needs.

- Email / phone support throughout our time together.

You’ll feel the positive effects within six weeks ONLY IF YOU ARE COMMITTED TO THIS PROCESS
- you can continue to work with this wisdom for the rest of your life.

Ayurveda is a journey. Transformation is a birthing process, I have personally experienced this rebirth in such a profound way, I understand the courage it takes to be vulnerable, to truly understand the alchemy of love. Maiaveda was created so I could pay it forward, our currency is love, it is a safe space for you to embody this mystery.

- Marye O'Brien, Founder / Ayurvedic Healer