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Self-discovery is <br />
Self-discovery is
A healthy body and mind are
the medium for happiness.

One-to-One Ayurvedic Journey with Marye O'Brien

Transformational Wellness Program

Ayurveda, the ancient science of conscious living, teaches that health is a direct result of our lifestyle. You have the capacity to awaken your innate physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing through mindful living. In our work together, I’ll teach you how to embody this awakened lifestyle. It is a gentle process that brings dramatic and sustainable shifts.

Ayurveda calls its lifestyle wisdom swasthavritta, literally meaning “the regime of abiding in one’s own nature”. When we align ourselves with Nature’s rhythms, feed both body and mind with care, and treat the body as the temple that it is, we reconnect with our true Self: that which is vibrant, fulfilled, and peaceful. We evoke health at all levels.

This is the ultimate form of self-care. It’s not a green juice here and there, a weekly bath ritual or a superfood diet. Self-care in the Ayurvedic sense encompasses nearly every aspect of daily life. Nourishing ourselves with wholesome food is self-care. Proper sleep is self-care. Mindfully using our senses is self-care. We claim our wellbeing through daily choices. It’s the act of living in alignment with Nature, which feels really good.

Wellbeing is an innate human desire. When we’re healthy, we not only look good (glowing skin, bright eyes, healthy weight), we feel good. But this innate human desire has much deeper roots. A healthy body and mind are the medium for happiness. When we’re healthy, we’re able to enjoy life and our relationships, fulfill our purpose, and work on our personal evolution. Health is the foundation for our entire human experience.

I work with men and women who seek this health and happiness. No matter where you are in terms of your health, adopting a healthy lifestyle and healthy beliefs will help you to feel more balanced, uplifted, confident, self-empowered and peaceful.

Working step-by-step, I’ll teach you a refreshing way of self-care and the conscious lifestyle that establishes lasting wellbeing. I follow the Ayurvedic adage that “what comes slowly lasts”, as habits are neither created nor broken quickly.

This is not a quick fix program or crash diet or temporary cover up of imbalances, but a journey of finding your own unique expression of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

There is a state of wellbeing that lives within each of us. It is the sadhana or spiritual practice of living in harmony with nature’s pulse that helps us to evoke this innate sense of physical, emotional and spiritual balance.

Using Ayurveda, I’ll guide you toward a refreshing way of self-care that establishes lasting wellbeing. Our approach is entirely holistic; including daily rituals, wholesome foods, mindful eating, yoga, meditation, herbs and breathwork to treat the body, mind and spirit as the unified being that it is.

This is not a quick fix program or crash diet or temporary cover up of imbalances, but a journey of finding your own unique expression of physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Our work together can help with:

- Digestive troubles, bloating and constipation
- Stress, anxiety and emotional ups and downs
- Irregular, painful, heavy and absent moon cycles
- Uncomfortable menopause symptoms
- Low energy, sluggishness and chronic fatigue
- Difficulty falling or staying asleep
- Acne, dryness and skin troubles
- Panchakarma (detox and rejuvenation)

We can meet in person in Kyneton or online (distant clients only). Our work together includes:

- A 2-hour initial consultation. A deep knowing of your health and what your life is like will help me to guide you toward wellbeing.

- A personalised wellness plan which will grow and evolve throughout our work together. All aspects of your lifestyle are taken into account so that change is realistic and sustainable.

- Along with lifestyle shifts, I use food, Ayurvedic herbs, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and bodywork to support your process of establishing health.

- Follow up consultations, usually at a monthly rhythm (more often if needed). These are customised for your needs, whether that’s navigating the kitchen, developing a yoga or meditation practice, or learning about the doshas.

- Ayurvedic bodywork treatments chosen and customised specifically for you. These treatments are not only incredibly relaxing, they support our work from the inside out by correcting imbalances from the outside in.

- Recipes for simple and nourishing Ayurvedic meals.

- Email support throughout our time together.

Ayurveda is a journey.

You’ll feel its positive effects within six months, and you can continue to work with this wisdom for the rest of your life.