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The art of bridal preparation<br />
immersed in ancient ritual.
The art of bridal preparation
immersed in ancient ritual.
Journeys that nurture, unite
and balance.

Bridal Radiance Retreat

Pre-wedding Ayurvedic adornment rituals


Embark on a journey to feel beautiful, and most importantly, healthy on the day of your marriage.


You’ve planned everything in orchestrated detail for your upcoming wedding day, from the flowers and decorations to your dress and honeymoon destination.

And on your special day, you want to feel healthy, beautiful and confident however make-up and hair can only take you so far.

In traditional Asian society, elaborate wedding preparations for both the bride and groom are commonplace. Brides-to-be indulge in a wide range of beauty treatments using exotic herbs, accompanied by luxuriant body massages and other therapies to beautify their bodies, skin and hair. Treatments also support the enhancement of their sensual mood.

At Maiaveda we offer Ayurvedic retreats that will make you feel healthy, beautiful and confident. We create and customise one-of-a-kind retreat experiences for brides (and grooms) to ensure that they not only radiate with good health but present as their best self.

Many of these therapies improve blood circulation and increase vitality, giving the skin a radiant and healthy glow. Massage also relieves stress and tension and supports the reduction of fluid retention and detoxification.

We suggest speaking with us in advance so we can create the perfect package for your mind and body experience. Our aim is to  ensure that you are feeling glorious on your special day.

Here's an example of one of our DAY RETREATS



A Bride’s retreat for reflection and relaxation. You’ll begin this journey by nurturing yourself and reflecting on you as a whole. The preparation of unity begins as you open your heart to receive Divine Love. This retreat to wholeness includes:

45 min. Heart Opening Yoga Class & Guided Meditation (Optional)
45 min. Foot Rejuvenation Ritual
30 min. Dry Brush Body Polish
60 min. Abhyanga or Signature Massage
60 min. Ayurvedic Hair Ritual or Shirodhara
60 min. Ayurvedic Herbal Facial

Lunch and refreshments included.

ONE DAY ($530)

OR speak to one of our consultants and design the perfect package to suit your goals, the time you have available and budget.