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The gift of self-care <br />
is priceless.
The gift of self-care
is priceless.
Maiaveda embodies the
qualities of a loving nurturer.

Indulge and enjoy, you deserve the best.

An Act of Kindness


Looking for a thoughtful gift that offers more than just another item to dust? Please consider the gift of self-care and wellness by offering those you love a Maiaveda Gift Certificate....a loving gift from a loving heart.

Shakti Spa Ritual (for men)

Our Shakti Ritual designed for men has recently become very popular as men discover what women have been enjoying for years.

Allow 3 hours.


Description about this product

Includes a warm, aromatic foot soak , a 60 minute Signature Massage with our Shiroabhyanga (Indian Head Massage) then feel completely renewed and refreshed with our OmVeda organic Cucumber Delight Ayurvedic facial. Chill out with your feet up before rushing anywhere and enjoy an Ayurvedic herbal healing tea, slowly.