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The gift of self-care <br />
is priceless.
The gift of self-care
is priceless.
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Post Partum Doula – Home visit

Post Partum Doula Services (Three Hours)

The few weeks postpartum are filled with marvel and delight as you welcome your new baby into your life.  It can also be a really hectic and challenging time for mothers as they adjust to life with a newborn. With the disconnection of family through distance as well as busy and stressful lives, many mothers suffer with the little to no family support around them.  Maiaveda has responded to this and now offers Post Partum doula care for new mothers in the comfort of their own home with Marye O’Brien, our Founder and qualified Post Partum Doula/Holistic Counsellor.


Description about this product

A sacred window to holistically support new mothers in their home to heal, bond and be cared for.

In many cultures, millions of women temporary adhere to postpartum hibernation (or confinement), a practice for new mothers to rest at home with the assistance of a family member, confinement nanny or a postpartum doula (support person).  In Ayurveda, a 5000 year old Indian healing tradition, this period is considered a sensitive time for mothers. In India mothers are encouraged to abstain from chores, food preparation, cleaning or even hosting guests.  Mothers are given the often undervalued need for deep rest and time with their newborn.

This home visit package can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the new mother, your day can include:  Picking up groceries on the way to the home, an Ayurvedic Massage to support any back, shoulder or neck pain, light housework/meal preparation, Reflexology Session – can be done whilst holding or nursing baby, Doula can hold baby allowing you precious time to shower or bathe, Counselling support, Vaginal Herbal Steam to support recovery after birth.  The perfect Baby Shower Gift!

Available during daylight hours on weekdays, and valid for 8 months after birth.