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The gift of self-care <br />
is priceless.
The gift of self-care
is priceless.
Maiaveda embodies the
qualities of a loving nurturer.

Indulge and enjoy, you deserve the best.

An Act of Kindness


Looking for a thoughtful gift that offers more than just another item to dust? Please consider the gift of self-care and wellness by offering those you love a Maiaveda Gift Certificate....a loving gift from a loving heart.

My Birthday Ritual

Your sacred day is a celebration of life so rebirth with the magic of you.

Allow 2 hours.


Description about this product

Awaken the Earth’s energy within, as you dip your feet into a warm aromatherapy hot stone footbath and revive with 30 minutes of gentle exfoliation and massage using the healing properties of Himalayan pink salt combined with the pure essential oils. Re-balance with a 60 minute Signature Massage, and renew the skin you’re in with a 30 minute organic hydrating facial.

No rush to be anywhere we encourage you to take your time to relax and nourish your body with a herbal healing organic tea.

Allow 2 hours, $220.