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The gift of self-care <br />
is priceless.
The gift of self-care
is priceless.
The perfect choice for anyone looking to
enhance their overall sense of well-being.

Let your loved one choose the experience to best suit. Instant personalised Gift Certificates created from a list of values, treatments or spa rituals emailed to you within minutes.

An Act of Kindness


Looking for a thoughtful gift that offers more than just another item to dust? Please consider the gift of self-care and wellness by offering those you love a Maiaveda Gift Certificate....a loving gift from a loving heart.

Memberships – 6 or 12 months

Grounded / Balanced Memberships – 12 x monthly consecutive 60/90min sessions.
VIP Membership – 6 x monthly 90min consecutive sessions, exclusively with our founder.
Great value. Limited number of memberships available.


Description about this product

Please complete all fields when processing your purchase. The ‘recipient name’ is the name of the person you are gifting the voucher to, this name will appear on the gift voucher.  The recipient email, can either be the purchaser’s email if you wish the voucher to be emailed directly to you, or the email of the person receiving, should you wish to email directly to the person you are gifting.