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Ayurveda, I love this ancient and<br />
spiritual medical system.
Ayurveda, I love this ancient and
spiritual medical system.
I believe that a more holistic approach to health
will make Western medicine more effective.

Patricia Mottram


Ayurvedic Practitioner
Massage & Yoga Therapist
Reiki Master & Yoga Teacher

  • BSc, Dip Ed, PhD (University of Melbourne, Medical Biology/Immunology)
  • Postgrad. Dip. Health Science (Herbal Medicine, University of New England)
  • AAIM Ayurveda Therapy Intensive Course (Sri Lanka)
  • Reiki Master (Usui System)
  • Yoga teacher (VIYETT, Advanced Certificate)
  • Yoga therapist (AAYT Certificate)
  • Bush Flower Essences Practitioner (Ian White Training)


Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

Patricia is also available for private Yoga Therapy sessions.

To book, call or email Patricia:
M. 0419 221 956
E. tricialesley@gmail.com

I am a microbiologist, with a special interest in herbs, botany and plant pathology. I have worked in laboratories specializing in microbiology, vaccines and human immunology, and as a medical researcher and University lecturer in biomedical science and medicine.

I have a great respect for Western science and medicine, but know that it doesn’t have all the answers to health problems. I believe that a more holistic approach to health will make Western medicine more effective.

Apart from“regular” science I’ve practiced yoga for over 40 years and am a qualified yoga teacher and yoga therapist. I've studied astrology, Tarot and Qabalah, have an interest in 'energy' medicine, and am qualified as a Reiki Master/teacher.

I have maintained a lifelong interest in herbal medicine, and have travelled to many countries where Ayurveda is practiced (Nepal, Tibet, India, Bhutan, Burma) and completed an intensive course in Ayurvedic therapy in Sri Lanka. I love this ancient and spiritual medical system, with its very practical approach to diagnosis and use of yoga for physical awareness and food as medicine. Joining the wonderful practitioners at Maiaveda will allow me to continue working with Ayurvedic therapies now that I’ve moved to this lovely part of the country.