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Your safety & wellbeing.
Your safety & wellbeing.
These are tender times, holding a safe container for you.



What to do before and when you arrive at our centre

If you have a fever, breathing difficulties, breathlessness, cough, sore throat, fatigue or tiredness - We ask you to call the centre and reschedule your appointment. Stay home.

We ask all clients to arrive at the centre, at the time of their appointment and no earlier.

When you enter and exit the centre, please ensure you use our sanitising station, which will be clearly seen as you walk into the reception area, they are also available in each treatment room, and washroom.

We are trying to reduce overall numbers in our centre at any one time as a precaution to ensure everyone’s safety.

COVID-19 safety and hygiene measures we are taking include:

Changes to seating arrangements in waiting areas spacing of at least 1.2metres between chairs.

Removal of magazines.

Limiting the number of bookings available each day.

Booking intervals are designed to minimise the number of clients arriving at the same time.

A minimum of 30mins between sessions to allow for the sanitising of surfaces and change of linen.

All our practitioners have completed their Covid infection control training.

Wiping down tables, desks, chairs, facets, consoles and door handles between each client.

Provision of multiple sanitising stations around the centre.

Practitioners thoroughly washing hands between each client.

All linen/towels used in treatment room and bathrooms are changed after each client.

All practitioners wear masks at all times in our centre.

Guests can opt to wear a mask while inside our centre, our therapists will advise when your mask can be removed for your treatment.

Please note: no refunds are available if a guest arrives and fails to meet these requirements.

Maiaveda is currently operating in compliance with the Victorian Government Public Health Direction. We are a safe, sacred space for you to be held. Supporting mental health, your wellbeing and helping you strengthen your resilience during these challenging times.

Reach out if you have any questions or concerns. Call Marye, our Director, on 0420 580 886.