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A place like no other.
A place like no other.
"I have exquisite memories of being
held in such a loving way at Maiaveda". - Marie-Louise



Massage Therapist
Beauty Therapist
Studying Ayurveda


Available every Friday & Saturday

We are delighted to have Chantelle join our team. Chantelle is a warm, nurturing and highly skilled and experienced practitioner, and is passionate about improving our client's health and wellbeing through the transformative power of massage.

Helping others and wellbeing have long been integral to my life.
Chantelle has a Diploma in Massage and Beauty Therapies, her caring and calming personality allows for her clients to relax, destress and be heard. Chantelle's passion means she is always staying up to date and refining her treatments and knowledge. Chantelle is renowned for her luxurious spa facials, devotion to fully supporting her clients with her nurturing spirit. She always goes above and beyond to ensure each treatment is customised specifically for you. She is incredibly uplifting and helpful with everything that she does. Chantelle has a keen interest in developing her knowledge of Ayurveda.